Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lisa Graham- On Being a New Member and the New Treasurer

This is my first semester in Sigma Tau Delta. When I got the ‘invitation email’ I was really excited but also nervous because I didn’t know anyone in Sigma. From the very beginning I tried to be as involved as possible; go to all of the events, go to the monthly meetings, and sign up for conferences. I even decided to run for treasurer for the spring semester. I did not think I would be elected treasurer because I was running against another Sigma who had more seniority. However, after the votes were tallied, Ms. Bissette and Alexa came back into the room and said … “Our new treasurer is….Lisa Graham.” I was so excited I could not believe it!
I also decided to submit a paper to the Streamlines Undergraduate Conference in Dubuque, Iowa. Sarah H. and Kirk B. also submitted papers and together we held a fundraiser to help pay for the conference. We started to hang out more and eventually formed a great bond. When we finally went to the conference we had a great time, made tons of jokes and bonded even more. Kirk and Sarah are two of my many friends in Sigma and I’m so glad that I have gotten as involved as I have. This is my last year in  college and I am so happy to have been given as many opportunities as Sigma has provided!
As this semester draws to a close, I am sad that I will have to leave my Sigma friends for the holidays, but I look forward to everything to come next semester!

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