We'd like to utilize this space to recognize some of the outstanding achievements that many of our members have accomplished. Congratulations to the members of Sigma Tau Delta- Alpha Alpha Upsilon, for exhibiting academic excellence in such a way that they have been selected as the recipients of the following awards, in addition to their prestigious status as members of Sigma Tau Delta:

2013-2014 Recognition

We'd like to congratulate the 2014 Wentworth Recipients:

Roxy Simons will travel to Pittsburgh to study Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Chbosky uses Pittsburgh as the setting for his novel, but he was also raised there. Roxy is interested in getting to see these locations and exploring how this location impacted Chbosky's experience and the novel. 

Alex Doria will travel to Paris, France this summer. She intends to retrace the steps of Ernest Hemingway as recorded in his memoir A Moveable Feast.

LeTriece Calhoun will be traveling to New York.

Sarah Howard will use her Wentworth to travel to England.

Casey Milliken will travel to New Zealand to study tattoos as resistance to colonization.

Congratulations to our members who have been accepted to the 2014 Sigma Tau Delta Convention:

Renee Poland - The Beats Move On
Casey Milliken - Marginalization in Meet the Parents
Hannah Payne - Fandoms, Harry Potter, and Nerdfighters Communities
Kayla Smiddy - Children of the Pedro Pan Airlift: Impact on Relationships 


Abbey Starling was awarded the UNCW Student Global Citizenship Award. For this award she wrote a poem about how UNCW has prepared her to be a global citizen, incorporating her Wentworth experience to New Mexico. She then did a performance with the poem.

Ellen Watts just completed an internship at the Children's Museum of Wilmington. While interning, she worked with the Guest Services Director on the Leading to Reading program. This is a free pre-literacy program at the museum that helps preschool children learn to read!

Roxy Simons studied abroad in Wales for the spring 2013 semester. While abroad, she interned and wrote for the Llanelli Star, a local newspaper. She currently interns with the Chancellor's Office of Community Partnerships where she completes tasks relating to Journalism and Communications. She writes their newsletter, presentations for conference meetings, and designs postcards advertising the office. These materials have been distributed at the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities Conference in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also an Upperman Scholar. 

Kathleen Bure was a 2013 Wentworth Fellow. She examined the relationship between environment and memoir-writer in a trip to New York City exploring the counterculture ambiance that influenced Patti Smith for her work, Just Kids. In addition, She has won the Chancellor's Achievement Award and has been on the Dean's List. She is also working on an honors thesis about the transmission of trauma in second and third generation Holocaust survivors through analysis of writing as therapy. She won the Outstanding Leader Award in Spring 2013 for our chapter.

Casey Milliken traveled to South Africa as a 2013 Wentworth Fellow. He received the Sigma Tau Delta Southern Regents' Scholarship. In our chapter, he has received an Outstanding Member Award and an Outstanding Leader Award. Casey was awarded the Louise Jackson Green Scholarship through the English Department. He also attended the Streamlines Conference in Dubuque, Iowa and the Sigma Tau Delta 2013 Convention in Portland, Oregon.

Aaron Weekes attended the Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Conference in September to present his honors thesis. He also attended the Board of Trustees Reception in October and presented an applied learning project for the English Department.

Kayla Smiddy was awarded an English Department Scholarship, the Anne Green Saus Endowment. She received the Outstanding Member Award from our chapter in Fall 2012 and Spring 2013. She has also won the Chancellor's Achievement Award and has made the Dean's List. In Fall 2013 she was enrolled in a course through the Creative Writing Department where she joined a staff in publishing the Chautauqua Literary Journal. She was involved in reading submissions on Submittable, editorial meetings, copyediting and fact-checking for the Life Lessons section, and working with the Art and Design group. 

Shannon McCabe will be spending the spring semester abroad at the University of Western Sydney in Australia!

2012-2013 Recognition

Abbey Starling will visit New Mexico to research Native American authors Leslie Silko, N. Scott Momaday, and Simon Ortiz, and their respective pueblos as a 2013 Wentworth Fellowship recipient.

Samantha Ridway is a 2013 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship. She will travel to Glen Ellen, California to explore Jack London's Beauty Ranch and to study how the Sonoma Valley influenced his later works. She will also get to see and learn more about his innovative agricultural methods, and tour the remains of the Wolf House, which tragically burned down a month before it was finished. 

Jessica Jacob will travel to Germany in the summer 2013 as a recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship. She will study the sense of nationalism that inspired the collection of Grimms' Fairy Tales, as well as the effect that the bicentenary of the tales has on Germany's current sense of nationalism. 

Kathleen Bure is a 2013 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship, which will allow her to travel to New York City in March 2013. She will study how the ambiance of the late 1960's and early 1970's countercultural movement affected life and art as reflected in Patti Smith's memoir, Just Kids. 

Sarah Sather is a 2013 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship, which will allow her to travel to Peru in March 2013. She will study Marie Arana's memoir, American Chica. 

Shontoya Saddler is a 2013 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship. She will travel to Brooklyn, NY to research the outlay of the city (immigrant enclaves, schools, museums, etc.) and how it contributed to the upbringing and works of three popular, ethnic writers: Edwidge Danticat, Paule Marshall, and Jacqueline Woodson. 

Samantha Ridgway participated in the study abroad trip, Buenos Aires: Capital of Culture, which involved traveling to Buenos Aires with two English professors and other English students during the summer of 2012. She is also a recipient of the Paul E. Hosier UNCW Undergraduate Research Fellowship Award, a three-time recipient of the Chancellor's Achievement Award, and a recipient of The University Bookstore Scholarship. She is also currently working on her honors thesis through the Departmental Honors program. 

Renee Sloan was accepted to UNCW's master's degree program in English, as well as receiving a scholarship from the English department, and a scholarship to attend the North Carolina Writers' Network Spring Conference. She is also serving as the vice-chair of the Graduate English Association at UNCW.  

Rachel Arredondo is a 2012 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowhip, which allowed her to travel to Japan in the Spring of 2012. She also received the Owen & Myrna Wexler Scholarship in Art award for the 2011-2012 academic year, and is a two-time recipient of the Chancellor's Achievement Award. 

Emily Reep traveled to Buenos Aires during the summer of 2012 through the study abroad trip, Buenos Aires: Capital of Culture with English faculty and students. 

Karis Moyers received the Wentworth Fellowship, which allowed her to travel to Prague last summer, 2012. She is also a Study Abroad Ambassador, and served as the Vice President of Leadership for Sigma Alpha Lambda. She was also awarded the Chancellor's Achievement Award, and has made the Dean's List.   

Casey Milliken is a 2012 recipient of the Wentworth Fellowship, which will allow him to travel to Cape Town, South Africa in the summer of 2013. He also studied abroad in Swansea, Wales for the Spring 2012 semester. While in Wales, he was an Intern Writer for the South Wales Evening Post. He received the Swansea Student Ambassador Scholarship in the Fall of 2012, the Most Outstanding New Member award for Sigma Tau Delta in Fall 2011, and has received the Chancellor's Achievement Award, along with making the Dean's List.