Here is what Sigmas are saying about the International English Honor Society:

 Sigma Tau Delta has enabled me to get more involved on campus. Whether it is helping with book sales or being a part of English in Action, I have enjoyed the knowledge I gain each time I volunteer. My fellow Sigma members are kind and are driven to excel in their academics. They are excited to engage other students and faculty and encourage me to do the same, even if it means stepping outside my boundaries. I am happy to be a Sigma member and I would highly recommend it to anyone interested. Just a head's up - exposure to knowledge is guaranteed to be contagious!  -Sarah Sather

I like Sigma because it a diverse group of individuals who all share a common love of reading and writing. -Stephanie Williams

For me, Sigma Tau Delta is a way, not only to experience English scholarship in literature and professional writing with my peers, but also a way to get to know wonderful individuals who will be my friends for life. Majoring in English would not have the same without my Sigma friends to discuss my research and readings, to attend conferences, and to have a lot of fun.  -Lisa Graham

Sigma is an organization that really promotes self-growth and independence. Everyone is very nice and the group allows for individual participation. No one is overlooked within the organization; if you have an idea, you are able to speak your mind.  -Jeffrianne Gutsin

I love being a part of Sigma Tau Delta because it's nice to know I'll always have a place where people won't look at me like I'm crazy when I want to talk about my favorite author outside of the classroom.  -Renee Boettner

One of the most enriching qualities about Sigma Tau Delta is knowing you're a part of a group of people that share similar academic interests and college experiences.  -Joanna Wright

I love being in Sigma Tau Delta because it has led me to meet some of the most intelligent people I've ever known. The intellectual environment makes me feel closer to the English department and like I'm really part of a community.  -Lauren Clapper

Sigma Tau Delta allows me to be exposed to like-minded people and, at the same time, around new opinions and ideas. What an amazing professional environment!  -Janel Peterson