Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jeffrianne Wexler-Gutsin- Why People Should Be Jealous of the English Department

The interesting thing about being an English major is how different we all are. I don’t mean to say that other majors are full of mindless zombie-drones or that Agent Smith from The Matrix (well, maybe just business majors… KIDDING!), but there is something admittedly unique about English students that I think makes this particular field interesting. While some may claim that I am biased due to my own association with the English department, I like to think that there is more to it than that. (Not to say that part of the amazingness of the English degree isn’t a result of the sheer awesomeness of the English students at UNCW)

There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet yet from the permutations and combinations of these simple symbols, mankind has created millions of stories and anecdotes, with no end in sight. The stories that we read and write in school are the product of hours of research and experience bundled up into a neat little takeout container of ink and paper.

We can all appreciate the written word. Some of us claim to hate reading or writing…but honestly, how many of them have unlimited texting? Not much of a difference. Words are vital to communication, and the written word is the most permanent version that we have. Words have the ability to reflect the opinions or rationalizations of the individual, making every sentence ever written an example of human individuality.
Some people are drawn to nonfiction. Some are drawn to fantasy. Some obsess over poetry and others should come with a warning label when it comes to science-fiction.

The point is that the English field is special because it can appeal to such a wide variety of people. You don’t have to like everything; those twenty-six letters have been twisted around at some point to appeal to your own individual tastes. This thing I like about being an English major is that I never get bored. In the sciences, you can’t just disregard certain laws because they’re not your cup of tea. But in English, I don’t have to obsess over poetry if I don’t want to. Literature comes in every shape and size; the English degree is a dressing room that lets you find your perfect fit. 
Just try to get a makeover from the biology department. 

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