Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tracey Robertson- Inspiration

When I first arrived at Wilmington, I was mainly looking forward to the freedom of doing whatever I pleased, meeting new friends, and fulfilling all the expectations I held ever since I graduated high school. My expectations were filled, but not through the way college was depicted and the way I thought it was supposed to be. Past the drinks and party hopping, I found my biggest fulfillment in meeting a teacher who changed what I cared about. Who supplemented the very passion I have for English Literature today.

Although she moved to California to continue teaching, to my dismay, out of every professor I’ve had so far she still holds the place of the most inspiring and caring  teacher I’ve ever been graced with meeting. Laura Fussell was a professor I had the pleasure of having for both beginning English and English literature, and if I didn’t have her for literature I may not be taking the direction that I am today. I always knew I loved reading, and I’ve always been a passionate participator in English class, but I never considered making it my major.

Once I had Ms. Fussell for literature, she could see how much I was intrigued by writing, that not everyone can receive something from it like I did. She could see my avid participation reflected a passion I had yet to really recognize, and she suggested I consider English Literature as a major. Usually I never listened to my teachers, but I had deep respect for her, she worked hard to get where she is today and that was an admirable quality I couldn’t dismiss.

After she suggested this to me, I was inspired to strive for excellence instead of just getting by like I had my whole academic career up to that point. She displayed what could be achieved through hard work and dedication, and that it is possible to make a career out of a passion for literature. I may not become a professor, but I am thankful that she did. I hope she knows her hard work benefited not only her, but contributed to the passion for literature and drive I have to do my best today.

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