Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kayla Franklin - Little Red Letter

The first time I realized I wanted to be an English major was my junior year in High School.  My English class was reading “A Tale of Two Cities,” and every day we would discuss what we read the night before.  My teacher, Mrs. Hicks, would ask us to analyze certain passages from the book and give a deeper meaning. I found that while I was analyzing I was actually enjoying it! Because I thought Mrs. Hicks was one of the most intelligent people I knew, I wanted to be an English teacher just like her.

When I was given the prompt for my first college paper I was so excited to get started.  The day it was due I couldn’t wait to turn it in and leave my professor in awe. Within the next week I was given my paper back with a little red letter written on the top right corner. Nothing says ‘reality’ like a ‘C-.’ Through the next few months my writing became better, but my hopes of being an English major were crushed.  However, I persevered and decided my patience could not handle watching children all day.

I ended up changing my concentration to Professional Writing with a minor in Journalism.  After taking some field experience classes and writing many stories I have no need to fear that little red letter on the top of my papers.

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