Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Juliana Stilwell- The Missing Religion, Christianity

Religion has been in our student’s textbooks since public education has come about. However, Christianity is slowly escaping from our student’s textbooks and being replaced with Muslim. In a school in California, students were forced to memorize verses of the Quran and dress up in Muslim attire and recite those versus to the class. However, the students did not review a single chapter on Christianity the entire semester. I am all for students learning about other religions, but public schools are not teaching our students Christianity. Schools are slowly taking Christianity more and more out of our kid’s educations. I am not religious myself, but I believe that if our kids are learning about other religions, then they need to learn about the religion that our country is based off of. Our Constitution and government was based off of Christianity. Our forefathers purposely put it into our Constitution of Independence. Now, our students are being taught other religions, without dedicating one day to The United States of America’s founding religion. It is important that students are taught every religion in an educational manner. They should be taught Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Muslim, etc. It is important that in order for them to be well rounded students that they learn every main religion in order to be accepting of others. If students are forced to recite quotes from the Quran, then why are they also not being forced to recite versus from Buddhism or the Bible? Christianity has become such a taboo topic in our society that our students are not learning it from a historical stand point. I believe fully that religion should not be in our public education system, but it is important from a historical standpoint that our students learn the history of it.

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  1. I agree. They should talk about the similarities in each religions history and values. If they did this, they would be bringing up students to accept other religions as a different interpretation of life and not need to start useless wars over it. Bravo