Monday, May 9, 2011

Chloe Miller-As You Like It: Travels and Plans for an English Major

This upcoming fall I will be traveling to London, England to study abroad at Roehampton University. Only a twenty-five minute bus ride to the heart of the city, Roehampton is one of the most beautiful campuses in London. The excitement to study English Literature in England is almost overwhelming. The prospect of studying Shakespeare where his writing actually took place and originated is unreal. I will actually get to go where all of these fantastic writers, like Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, who I admire so much lived and wrote.

When I return to UNCW next spring of 2012, I have a plan of action to become a better-rounded, experienced, and involved English major. Studying abroad will be marked off of my ‘To Do List’, but there will still be a full list of things that come next. I will begin researching an internship to start, as a fulfillment of my Professional Writing Certificate and as a way of gaining more relevance and experience in a writing field. I will look in to obtaining a job at the University Learning Center as a writing tutor. Becoming a certified writing tutor will enhance my proficiency with editing and grammar.

I am so excited for the upcoming year. New activities, encounters, and experiences that will be here so soon, and I’m excited to plan for them. Anticipation and excitement are all I can feel! Only problem is how this excitement and anxiety for summer and traveling may be overshadowing my motivation to get through these final exams! Oh well! London awaits.

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  1. Studying in England is very exciting indeed. Where else can you get the best training in English but in the place of Shakespeare himself. Have a great year ahead!

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